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Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in one team?
It can happen at TheFantasyFootball. Set up your team,
enjoy the real-time statistics and fantasy points
and beat your opponents

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Players prices
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You have 100M and you have to buy 15 players to set up your first team at TheFantasyFootball. Player prices vary between 3M and 15M, with better or more consistent performance meaning higher prices. You can only buy 3 players from each team so you are not able to buy a whole Barcelona squad, that feature would be the Champions mode.

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Champions mode

There are no prices in champions game mode and you are able to buy more than 3 players from each team. Actually, you can buy a whole Barcelona squad. You have unlimited transactions in champions game mode and a multiplier. The more rounds a player spends in your team the bigger the multiplier is. The multiplier can not be bigger than 2, though.

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Scorezup is a built-in predictor game and livescore application at TheFantasyFootball.

Data is provided by and it refreshes in every minute during a game. If someone scores you will know it as soon as possible.

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Your friends


Competing directly against a friend is the most fun part of any football activitites including TheFantasyFootball. You can have multiple challenges each round until you have enough coins to do that and you can even organize an own league from challenges.

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Sponsors are eager to show up beside your team just like in real football and pay you to be able to do that. You can receive 4 coins from your sponsors each week in any given tournaments and you will need coins to activate all features at TheFantasyFootball. Collect as many as you can.

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If you go premium you will have instant acces for our best features. More detailed statistics, information about suspended and injured players and premium notifications to give an edge on other fantasy managers. The premium access is available in each of our leagues but buying a membership in Premier League only allows you to reach the premium features for Premier League.